Birth Stories

Want to read some real birth stories before you go into labour? we are very lucky to be able to share with you so many birth stories so far. I love sharing birth stories as they are so unique and they really open your mind to the possibilities of labour and birth. I hope that reading these stories helps prepare you for labour or helps you relate to another mums story.

Here is a quick way to access our birth stories that are up on the blog so far:

Tegan’s Birth Stories

Baby 1 December 2011Baby 2 November 2013Baby 3 March 2015

Cesarean Section Delivery

Shannon’s Birth Story Part 1

December 2013

After adopting her first child, here is the birth story of Shannon’s first biological child.

Natural Delivery

Shannon’s Birth Story- Part 2

May 2016

The birth of her 2nd biological child.

Natural Delivery

Larissa’s Birth Stories

3 Babies, 3 Cesarean Section Deliveries

Cate’s Birth Story

May 2016

Natural Delivery

Jaz’s Birth Stories

1st- December 2007, 2nd- May 2009

2 Natural Deliveries

Hanna’s Birth Stories

An emergency cesarean section, and a planned cesarean section.

Cesarean Section Deliveries

Shanelle’s Birth Stories

Strong young mum of 2.

2 Elected Cesarean Section Deliveries

Steph’s Birth Stories

Two babies, two vastly different experiences.

Two Natural Deliveries

My Birth Story

September 2015

Natural Delivery, drug free

Carlie’s Birth Story

July 2015

Quick Natural Delivery

Mrs M Wood’s Birth Story

Starting her labour journey in a 4 bedder room with other women Mrs Wood would soon quickly delivery her baby taking everyone by surprise.

Natural Delivery

Monica’s Birth Story

“I was pulled from work with four months of my pregnancy left for early/mild preeclampsia.”

Natural Delivery

Lisa’s Birth Story

Pregnancy with a pre-existing blood disorder which predisposes the blood to clot too much.

Natural Delivery, delivered using forceps

Cecilia’s Birth Story

Birth story for her third baby.

“My cervix went from 4 cm to fully dilated in 15 minutes”

Natural Delivery

R.P’s Birth Story

Faced with several challenges during pregnancy, overdue and exhausting long labour. A long and scary at times journey to birth her baby. A mothers instinct is always right.

Natural Delivery

Madi’s Birth Story

March 2016

Water Birth, Natural Delivery

Maison’s Birth Story

February 2016

Natural Delivery

Ishita’s Birth Story

August 2015

Busy corporate lawyer life of deadlines and agendas and meetings, Gestational diabetes, Big move to Australia during pregnancy, Induction, short, beautiful uncomplicated labour.

Natural Delivery

Mikaela’s Birth Story

Slow leaking waters, A long few days leading into the birth of her baby. Delayed cord clamping. Third degree tear that would need surgery to fix it.

Natural Delivery

Winter Gaskin’s Story Raising Awareness About Infant Loss

After finding Nicola on Instagram a couple of months ago, I looked into her story and was incredibly saddened to see she had been through infant loss, but I was also encouraged by her incredible strength in sharing her story of her son. Putting her story, his loss and his face out there for the world to see, to help even just one other parent who has been through the same thing. Such an incredible strong thing to do, putting something so personal and emotional out there for the hope that she can support other people. Follow her on Instagram to share Winter’s Legacy. 

Natural Delivery

Kylie’s Pregnancy and Birth Story- Izaac

Such an amazing strong women to allow me to share her journey. Very proud of Kylie for putting this together! Infant loss is something you never expect when you fall pregnant. How quickly your life can get turned upside down. A total freak accident. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice, body once and leg also. Kylie has since had 2 beautiful children. 

Natural Delivery

Remembering All Woman On Mother’s Day- Guest Blog

After coming across MaryAnn on Instagram a few months ago I approached her asking if she was willing to share her story and help raise awareness of infant loss. She jumped at the opportunity and was very keen to share her story. MaryAnn has related her story to Mothers Day and shared the thoughts and emotions of a mother who has an angel baby up in heaven. 

Natural Delivery

Would you like to share your birth story with us? Email it to us at and we would love to share it for you! 


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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