Melissa’s Birth Story

September 2015 

My birth story.

The most precious birthday gift ever!

Our baby was born on September 14, the day after my husbands birthday and just a week before my birthday.

My due date of the 7th had been and gone and with no signs of baby coming anytime soon it was decided I would be induced on Sunday the 13th. That day was my husbands birthday and we eagerly drove the 45 mins to the hospital to be induced. I was so excited as I kept thinking the next time I’m at home I’ll have my baby.

We arrived at the hospital and I was given the gel to help speed things along. We waited. Nothing. I remember laying on the bed while my husband watched the footy thinking any minute now I’ll feel something and it’ll be happening! But I felt absolutely nothing. Baby just wasn’t ready to come. They gave me a second dose of gels and then more waiting.


They said we could go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant  and come back in a few hours and they would see how things were going. We had dinner and I was positive something would happen while we were eating, like some big dramatic scene you’d see on TV of someone going into labour in a restaurant, but nothing happened! We headed back to the hospital and they said there was no change at all. They said to go home and come back at 7 AM the next morning and they would do it again.

I was so disappointed as I was certain I wouldn’t be going home without my baby. By now it was almost 10 pm so we drove home. As we were driving home I started to feel a few mild cramps. They were so mild, that I thought maybe I was just imaging them. I didn’t want to get excited and think that things were finally moving! But it’s almost like I knew it was but didn’t trust myself. We got home, didn’t bother unpacking the car as we would be heading back in early the next morning. I didn’t even bother taking my handbag out of the car as I just had a feeling we’d be going in even sooner!

My husband went to bed in the guest room as I was so uncomfortable and up to use the bathroom a hundred times a night we’d been sleeping apart the last few weeks. I remember he said to me had I set an alarm for 5 AM as we’d need to leave by 5:30 to get back to the hospital. I said yes but I remember thinking we’ll be up before then! The hospital had given me 2 sleeping pills and told me to take them with a Panadol and get a good sleep as tomorrow would be a big day.

I took the pills and got into bed. It was nearly 11 pm. I fell asleep pretty quickly and then woke up suddenly. I felt this urge to wee or something so I quickly got out of bed to go to the bathroom and that’s when my waters broke! It was surreal, like it was a dream or something. I looked at the time and it was nearly midnight. I went and woke my husband and told him my waters had broken and this baby was coming! He drove in record speed back to the hospital.


When we arrived at the hospital they checked us in and said I was 3 CM dilated. I honestly can’t even remember the pain, I just remember shaking uncontrollably and throwing up a lot! The throwing up was awful and I still don’t know why I was doing that. The time went so quickly I really lost all track of time and at one point I asked what time it was. My husband said nearly 11 and I thought but it was midnight already and he said no, 11 AM so I had been in labor all night but had no concept of time.

I ended up getting an Epi Dural so the contractions must have been painful but I just can’t remember it at all. The sleeping pills I’d taken earlier must have been affecting me too as I kept drifting off to sleep in between contractions. Then I remember this overwhelming urge to push and it  wasn’t long before our baby boy was born.

Brody was born at 11:45AM weighing 8 pounds and 14 ounces. He was just perfect. The nurse lay him on me and then we were left alone for a few hours to bond. The whole experience still seems surreal and dream like, there are huge parts I can’t remember and other parts that are so clear in my memory.


Eventually the nurse came back in and helped me to shower and we were moved from the delivery suite to our room. I spent the rest of the day just love gazing at my baby. I was in total love with him and that’s probably why there is no memory of pain, it’s all so worth it and when you hold your precious baby nothing else in the world matters.


He is more than I could ever have wished for and everyday is truly a blessing. Brody is now 9 months old, maybe time for number 2!?

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