Bonnie’s Birth Story

My Birthing Story

Giving birth never scared me, it excited me. It meant an end to this dreadful pregnancy that was filled with morning sickness, debilitating back pain and constant lack of energy. That pregnancy glow is a big lie!

Before I knew it, I was 38 weeks and just like any other expecting mother I was eagerly awaiting the birth of my daughter. I was trying everything to bring on this labour, raspberry tea leaf tablets, pineapple and bouncing on balls but Little baby Shi was a bit too comfy.


On the last weekend in October things took a bit of a turn, baby Shi had slowed right down on her movements. I could feel that something just wasn’t right and off to the hospital my 38 week bump waddled. When I got there, I was put in to a birthing room and hooked up to the baby heart tracker. It was music to my ears, the sound of her heart beat strong and loud. They decided to book me in for an induction at the end of the week and to keep an eye on little miss.

Saturday 5th November D day. I put on a face of makeup and pulled my hair into a French braid, I know a bit over the top for giving birth but I wanted to look good… First impressions count. My induction time was 6 am, so early and was in high need of sleep, I waddled my pregnant butt one last time into Westmead Hospital. My Midwife was so gorgeous, we clicked straight away, she had a wicked sense of humour and was so warm, I got lucky. Marc and I got settled in to our birthing room, Triple J on and snacks were out.

When I was having my first internal my water broke and it showed that mamma knows best as there was Meconium in the water, the midwife explained that this could have been why she wasn’t so active. Hooked up to the drip, I started walking the hallways, thinking how easy is this? this doesn’t hurt at all. Well that was short lived as 5 minutes later I was hunched over in a world of unbearable pain, holding onto Marc thinking about how much I hate him and how I will never ever be doing this ever again. The gas was absolutely no help, Marc kept telling me I was doing it wrong, I had pre-warned him about poking the bear and that bear was ready to come out. At this point I was literally 1 hour into my induction and only 2 cm dilated, I needed an epidural and I needed one fast. The thought of being this pain for 24 hour plus seemed like torture, no thank you!!

Mmm Epidural what a magical, amazing bit of medicine. All the pain instantly went away and my body was now a warm and fuzzy ball of happiness. As I laid in my bed all Zen and pain free, every alarm in the room went off and before I knew it there were 2 doctors and 6 midwifes in the room all yelling at me to lay straight, take your undies off, lay to your side, sit up. I had no idea what was happening, “Is she ok?” “babies heart rate has dropped and she’s having a reaction to the Epidural”. They sat me up and nothing, I told them I have to lay down, she likes it when I lay down. At this point they wanted to try anything and once they started lowering me, the alarms stopped and her heart rate was back to normal.

After that scary experience I laid very still, trying so hard not to upset little Miss demanding Shiloh. Before I knew it, it was 4 pm and time for another internal. I remember thinking please be 7 cm pleeeaaaasssee. “You’re 4 cm, welcome to active labour” woohoo 2 cm in 9 hours, this is going to be a long labour. To pass the time I napped but 1 hour into it I woke up feeling pressure on my pelvis, oh no is the epidural finishing? I told my midwife and she said it’s just pressure and not to worry. “You couldn’t be ready to push, I only checked you 1 and half hours ago and you were only 2 cm” I took what she said but couldn’t nap, the pressure was getting worst. It was just before 6 pm and pressure was the only thing I could think about. My next internal wasn’t until 7 pm but the midwife could see in my face something wasn’t right and she gave in and did an internal early (YAY). “Oh wow, you’re 10 centimeters, we can start pushing” I knew it!! And let the fun begin.

When everyone talks about childbirth they usually explain how hard it is and the pain but I must be the luckiest girl in the world because mine was the easiest part of the whole pregnancy. When it was time to push, I was a champ if I do say so myself. It took me 30 minutes to push miss Shiloh out, don’t get me wrong its tiring and I did cheat by getting an epidural but my goodness it was just amazing. They lifted her up to the sky and she let out the cutest little sound, like she was singing. She was a big chunky baby; her hair was so dark and she had a lot of it and she was beautiful. The doctor checked her over and placed her on my chest, she snuggled into me and I cuddled her small little body, she was all mine. Shiloh Cindy-Anne Montgomery was delivered at 6.45pm on November 5th 2016.


God truly left the best for last, my whole pregnancy I told everyone how this would be my one and only baby. My pregnancy was so difficult but giving birth to Shiloh was the most amazing experience of my whole life and I cannot wait to do it all again.

BonShi  BonShi4

Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting by Bonnie from Baulkham Hills, Sydney


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