How To Make Your Own Activity Table For Your Baby/Child

I have seen many different activity tables in store but thought they were all very much the same and similar activities as many other products in store.

I wanted something that was a bit more stable and sturdy but also something that I was able to change and develop as my baby grew. The older they get the more stimulation they seek, and the more curious they become so I want to be able to accommodate that.

I also wanted a multi purpose table as we have limited space and storage.

I decided I was going to build my own activity table !

Materials- That I used (These are just suggestions -you can use what ever you wish to add) 

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  1. I had to firstly put together the table as it was an IKEA table. You could use any small wooden table, kids table, plastic table etc.
  2. I then cut the Corflute to size to fit the table top. With the left overs I cut them to size to make add on bits to the table so I could attach it to other areas on the table.
  3. As I want the table to be temporary (so once she is bigger we can use it as a kids table) I used blu-tack to stick the top piece of corflute down. The sides needed a bit of extra strength so I attached Velcro to the top piece of corflute and attached the side piece to it.
  4. Once the corflute was on, it was time to get creative! I added Velcro to both the toys and the table. This was going to be how I would keep the toys on the table and also make it a challenge for my daughter to try pull the pieces off.
  5. After a few adjustments the table was ready and time for the trail run of approval. It was a success and it will provide many hours of fun- especially great for rainy days!
  6. The great thing about using Velcro to put the toys onto the table is you can change it up whenever you want so they don’t get bored.

Here are photos of it being put together!

Cutting the Corflute to size, and figuring out what will go where before I Velcro it down.



Here are a few of the bits and pieces I was going to use to construct the activity table.



13633464_10154375341749319_1284723007_oI decided to add Velcro to the puzzle pieces-

1) So when I pick up the puzzle it would stay as one piece and I was less likely to lose pieces.

2) This was going to add a challenge for my daughter, making a little bit more difficult to pick the pieces up.


The final product:

The top view of the table- puzzle, balls, container filled with different things for her to grab out, container filled with blocks, and abacus beads.

13608255_10154374256234319_1731260718_n    13624780_10154374256469319_577932389_n  13599593_10154374256334319_1940390069_n


This side will be more for when she is older and we can make words together or learn letters. I will also be making some with numbers on them. ( I used a pool noodle to create these letters)

13608244_10154374256259319_660718020_n    13595584_10154374256329319_530876909_n

It was time to test it out on my daughter!!! 




By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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    1. Yeah it still needs modifying a bit to make sure its safer but accidents happen so im sure they are bound to happen regardless of how ‘safe’ i make it. 🙂

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