How To Make A Sensory Foam Box

My baby is so interested in anything fine motor skills, investigating and exploring what is inside things. She loves to look closely at the fine parts of toys – tags, little random bits of material hanging off it or the fine details of a toy. This being the case I am very interested at keeping her interested with different activities to fulfill my little explorers needs.

What you will need:

Ideas for what to fill it with:

  • Balls
  • The edges from the foam mat
  • small soft toys
  • Building blocks
  • Soft blocks
  • Teething toys
  • Material – long strips, squares, different shapes.
  • Bath toys

13479870_10154331279069319_420161750_n         13479999_10154331279029319_801451459_n

The list goes on! Any baby toys/etc that are small enough to fit inside the box that are fun to discover when they stick their hands inside.


Approximately 2-3 months ago I decided to put together the foam mat we have in our lounge room and make a cube. Now this isn’t rocket science. I just got 6 squares of the mat and fit them together until it became a cube shape. Each square has a letter or a shape. I pushed each of the letters/shapes out and put them inside the box. Add in any of the above suggestions inside your box or any other sensory discovery item that is safe for babies/children.

13487673_10154331278954319_501243766_n               13480217_10154331278884319_225136626_n

She loves to stick her hand inside the whole (where the letters were) and pull out different items, pick up the whole box and hold it above her head, and chew on the foam bits (for teething).


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