Kim’s Birth Story

June 2015

It came to a point in my life where I was 26 and over partying with friends waking up with a huge hang over and regretting having big weekends then off to work for the week. I had done some travelling first to Fiji then New Zealand and last a 6 week Contiki trip around Europe. I have been with my Partner for 12 years and we decided it was time for a new chapter in our life it just felt a bit empty so it was time for a BABY!

Our First try and we fell pregnant but unfortunately 11 weeks into the pregnancy I had a miscarriage, the doctors called it a ghost miscarriage which is very common and then I went on to have the procedures that follow. Very upsetting and hard to start with for my partner and I but things happen for a reason I believe.

We waited 6 months until we tried again and fair enough there was a little human growing inside me. The 12 week mark came around in no time and baby was very healthy and normal on our first ultrasound- amazing Experience!

Due date came around and still no baby, I went one week over due and had to be booked into another hospital to be Induced.
9.30 am laying in the birthing unit, Midwives broke my waters and did a scraping to try bring on my labour and then followed they induced me.

Waiting, waiting and my contractions started! It was very unexpected, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and didn’t want to my whole pregnancy. Contraction after contraction it build up and up and up faster and faster with no breaks eventually it was unbearable. I was given the gas and I sucked that thing like crazy, I had a massive cramp in my hand because I griped it like I was hanging on for my life!

Little did I know I was allergic to the Oxytocin (inducement) and it had to be stopped so my contractions would slow down,  for 4 hours I had no break in contractions and felt like I had run a marathon and I have not even started pushing yet,  I went from the bed to walking around the room, I showered for hours and then got moved into the spa to try birth but nothing yet.

2:45 came around and they started to worry about the baby’s heart rate was lowering and we had the doctor come around and try to intervene with the midwives and take me upstairs for a c-section the Doc was worried for the baby and she had the surgical team standing outside ready to go.  The midwives didn’t want this and neither did I.

I was determined to have this baby natural as I have come this far. I was still contracting and baby’s heat rate became stable and I was at a point where I wanted to give up, now 3 pm and I was buggered, until the midwives told me Kim start pushing! Oh my god your kidding I thought to myself and away I went 30 minutes of pushing and I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, 7pd9 and we named him Nate!

He just melted our hearts it was Love at first sight!
Thanks to the support of my partner during birth but I do have to say I could not have done it without my mum, she was AMAZING!

Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting by Kim from the Mid North Coast NSW, Australia.

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