Introducing Finger Foods To My Baby

A few days out from 9 months old I decided my daughter was ready for some finger foods. Sticking to the same flavours she has already tried I gave her to them as whole foods for her to explore and chew on.

My daughter has 4 teeth at the moment- two up the top and 2 down the bottom. For this reason I felt comfortable giving her whole foods as I knew she was able to bite into the food and chew them up.

We started on a small boiled carrot, some pasta and cheese. This was a huge success! The carrot was just like a rusk, allowing her to hold onto it and chew away at it.

We then went on to trial broccoli and cauliflower as whole florets.

I was absolutely amazed to see her bite off little bits and chew them up. At this point I realised my little baby was no little baby anymore.

I have found that giving her foods like this is a great snack to have between meals- however it is extremely messy so be prepared with a messy mat or plastic sheet down on the ground.


Now this is not expert advice so if you have any concerns always check with your doctor before giving anything to your child.

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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