26.8.15 My Final Day Of Work Before Giving Birth.

Another milestone reached.

One year on since I had my last day of work before finishing up and starting my maternity leave- 26th August 2015.

It was an exciting yet sad day for me. I was excited to be finishing up as it meant we were getting closer to meeting our baby.

Work was getting a little more difficult as a Massage Therapist travelling around to corporate offices around Sydney, lugging my massage chair around and performing seated massages with a growing belly.

I was sad as it also meant the end to my working life for awhile- this was an unknown length of time. We haven’t got any family around to help with baby sitting so the length of time off was yet to be determined as I was unsure of who could help look after the baby when I did go back to work. Thankfully it did mean that I was then fortunate enough to be able to stay at home to raise our baby.

I love my job as it allows me to travel all over Sydney to different offices meeting new people, exploring new areas of Sydney, and discovering a large range of companies that I never knew existed.

Saying goodbye to my regular clients was hard. I had built such a great relationship with them over the years and not knowing when or if I would be returning back there was sad.

27 days later I gave birth to my daughter. One day after my ‘due date’. 

11 Month On (since I gave birth)

I have returned to some work- both massage and track and field coaching. This is never an easy task to organise. Am I available? Can someone mind Miss A? Are the hours manageable (not too long to leave her with someone else without it taking up too much of their time)? How far away is the job? etc, etc.

It has been so lovely going back to work to see some familiar faces in clients and other therapists and also meeting a number of new people along the way.

My massage chair packed up for the last time before having my first baby.

I would love to hear a little bit about you:

  1. What date did you finish up work?
  2. What industry do you work in? What is your job?
  3. How long did you take off work for maternity leave?
  4. Do you have family around to help out?
  5. Who helped look after your children when you went back to work? Or who will help when you do go back to work?

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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