Do You Have A Teething Baby?

How do you help your baby when they are teething?

This is a tricky question to answer as we never really know when or if those little teeth are going to cut through. Some babies have ‘symptoms’ for ages and no teeth appear. Others grow new teeth over night. Every baby is different and there is no text book answer to when they will cut or how your baby will be affected by ‘teething’.

Frozen banana and frozen breast milk to the rescue! Today my 11 month old was upset, I think partly from her teeth. I was sorting out the freezer and found some frozen breast milk stored in the fridge. She grabbed it from my hand and started sucking on the bag it was stored in. Instantly she seemed happier. The coldness of the breast milk on her gums must have been soothing.

TIP- You could freeze breast milk in icecube trays and give to your baby in one of those food nets.

A few hours later she was upset again. As well as being very tired, again her teeth seemed to be bothering her. So I went looking in the freezer to see what I could give her. Frozen banana!! I had slices of frozen banana- I thought not only would this be nice on her gums it would be a good snack for her afternoon tea. She loved it and again seemed to settle down.



We would love to hear your ideas!!

What are some tips and tricks you have for upset teething babies?

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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8 thoughts on “Do You Have A Teething Baby?

  1. I currently have a teething baby and have been desperately trying to find other ways to soothe him. I have seen the food nets before but didn’t know what to search for to buy one so thank you! I will be trying this!

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    1. How old is your baby ? I really hope this helps makes your baby a little more comfortable. Teeth just generally suck. Its upsetting to see them in pain. Let us know how it goes xx

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