What Does Your Weekly Schedule Look Like?

What Kind Of Activities Does Your Week Include?


Since becoming a full-time stay at home mum with the very casual shift of work, I have found it very important to try find activities to do each week to gain some kind of structure and regularity, giving us plenty to keep us occupied. Before starting some of the ‘mum’ type activities I was feeling very lost and sad as I was getting up each day wondering what we would do.

Our Week

  1. Regular structured activities I do with my daughter- Of a Tuesday we have been going to a local cafe which has set up a ‘mothers group’ where any mothers interested can come along and pay $15 for a coffee, sweets and some lunch. There are a range of mums there and everyone has been so lovely. It is SO nice meeting new mums and stepping out of my comfort zone to give myself the opportunity to meet the new mums and children. On Fridays we have been going to Playgroup. Again there has been some lovely mums there which has been so nice to surround myself with supportive like minded people. Both activities have been a great opportunity for Miss A to play and interact with other babies/children.
  2. Sports my child does throughout the week- As she is too little to participate in sport herself just yet I will discuss the involvement that I have in sport as a coach where by she tags along sometimes. Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are my regular coaching afternoons. This is a great regular activity for both of us as I get to go out and enjoy something I was doing before becoming a mother, its a small source of income for me, and it allows Miss A to get out and be surrounded by children and enjoy some outdoors time playing in the grass and long jump pits.
  3. Does your child participate in anything else during the week? Again she isn’t really old enough to be involved in to much activity just yet. Something  I would love to start having her involved in are some swimming lessons or regular swims each week with myself or my partner. This is something we plan on organizing over summer.

Are you a stay at home mum? How did you turn your weeks into something that resembled a structured week?

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