First Teeth

Your child’s first teeth are so precious and new. For months we wait for that first tooth to cut. We then spend days and nights, weeks and months waiting for each and everyone to cut through.

Teething– that is what we spend so much time concentrating on as our little ones grow.

Whats are the teething signs? Is my baby teething? How can I help my child cope with teething? All common thoughts as parents we share.

6 months was when Miss A cut her first tooth. First two in fact- the bottom two teeth. A long and slow process watching them cut through and ever so slowly grow into full grown first teeth. The next set she got were her top two teeth at 8 months.

At 14 months she has 11 teeth in total. 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom, her two 1st molars have cut through on the top and her bottom left first molar is through also.

Teething– So far the first molars have been by far the worst. I mean they are HUGE and with a gap between her other teeth and the first molars they stand out even more.

And then….

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect teething would be the least of my worries when it came to Miss A’s teeth. Enjoying ourselves down at our local park, playing with the balls, running around, chasing the ducks, playing on the play equipment etc until something happened.

She was playing around exploring the tap when all of a sudden we hear crack. Miss A had bumped her teeth on the tap while trying to squat down or stand up. I am not even sure it happened so fast. Her dad picked her up as she was upset. I felt so sick.  I looked in her little mouth and I wasn’t sure but suspected I was seeing a chip in her front tooth! I took her off my partner to cuddle her and try and have a better look. Yep my worst fear was true. She had chipped the bottom left corner off her left front tooth!

chipped tooth (2)_LI.jpg

I was devastated. Weeks watching those little teeth cut through and watching her in so much pain as they cut through. 6 months!!! That is as long as she has had them.

YES we are so lucky that they are her first teeth and they will fall out. We are very thankful for that. However I can’t help but feel so devastated that this is YEARS before those little teeth will fall out and she is stuck with a chipped tooth until then.

We called the dentist to see what we had to do- Watch for discolouring  over the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed we are lucky and no further damage has been made to her little teeth.

Have you been in this situation with your child? How old were they? What happened? 

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By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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