Lunables Crayons In The Bath

‘Painting In The Bath’

What you need:



  1. Fill up the bath for your child to bath in as usual, add bubbles or what ever you usually add.
  2. Wetting the sponge before you use it, colour on the sponge and then you are ready to make mess and have lots of fun painting on the bath tub and tiles. As the crayons are water soluble they are very easy to clean off.
  3. You can reapply colours once they run out of colour by simply colouring in on the sponge again. You can also easily change colours by colouring in over the last colour once it has been washed out a little.
  4. Clean up time- simply just wipe away with water and a washer.
  5. Time to wash and bath your child as per usual after the fun has been had.




By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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