Cleaning Lunables Crayons Off The Bath

After initially thinking it was easy to clean the crayons off the bath, when it came to cleaning them off after we had finished I found red and dark purple were a little more tricky to remove. I remembered after seeing the marks on the bath that I had been told by the ladies from Lunables that this could be the case with those colours.

Unsure of how I was going to solve the problem I messaged them to ask advice, but was determined to try and get it off as soon as I could as we rent and red stains on a white bath in a rental property is something you don’t want!

Looking around my bathroom I decided to use our ‘Johnson’s baby top-to-toe bath wash’ on the stains and scrub it around with my hand to see if that would work, thankfully I had quick success seeing the red come off onto the soap and I then simply wet a washer and wiped it away. The stains had gone. Phew! What a relief!





By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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