5 Fine Motor Activities Using Drinking Straws- Guest Blog

We recently found Molly, the creator of The Kids Place on Instagram and approached her asking would she be interested in sharing some Fine Motor skill activities for toddlers and preschoolers. She was excited to get on board and help out by sharing this blog with us. 

5 Fine Motor Skill Activities Using Drinking Straws

Before a child begins handwriting, it is important for them to work on their fine motor skills, or small movements of the hands and fingers. Help your child improve fine motor skills with these engaging activities, and lead them toward success with handwriting in the future.

1.) Pushing : Poking Straws through a Paper Plate

For this activity, you will need a paper plate and several drinking straws cut in half. First, an adult should cut small holes in the plate with a knife and/or scissors. Little ones can poke straw pieces through each of the holes, working on their hand control and precision. Save the plate to use again and again.

straw blog 2

2.) Threading : Make a Straw Bead Bracelet

Threading is always beneficial when working on fine motor skills. We have used beads, cereal, pasta, and pool noodles for threading! This was a new way to work on these important skills – using small pieces of a straw as beads. Make it into a bracelet or necklace for your child or a gift for someone special to them.

straw blog 3

3.) Playdough : Sticking Straw Pieces in Dough

Playdough invitations to play are always a favorite in our home! Cut straws into thirds, and make balls of dough. Little ones can create by sticking the straws into the dough and working those little finger muscles in the process!

straw blog 1

4.) Cutting : Straw Cutting Practice Tray

Cutting Practice is another great way to work on building fine motor skills, and scissors skills are also an important thing for little ones to learn! Try setting out drinking straws on a tray with safety scissors, and your child can cut them into small pieces.

straw blog 5

5.) Gluing : Straw Art with Small Pieces

Glue can be a messy and scary thing to give to the really young ones – but they love it! Squeezing the glue is great for their hand and finger muscles. Also, using small pieces for gluing makes for added precision practice. Create a drinking straw work of art! Using colorful straws will make this activity most appealing.

straw blog 4

Enjoy these five fun ways to use drinking straws as a way to build finger and hand muscle strength in your child, and help guide them toward success in the future!

About the Author:

Molly, the creator of The Kids Place Insta-Blog, is a wife and mother of two (soon to be three) from Minneapolis, MN. She combined her former marketing profession with her current passion of being a mother and home educator, and created an Instagram account for parents, teachers, and caregivers of children around the world. The Kids Place features activities, arts and crafts, sensory play, and early learning inspiration for little ones.


Check out her Instagram at The Kids Place


Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting Blog by Molly the creator of The Kids Place Insta-Blog from Minneapolis, MN, United States.

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