Maison’s Birth Story

February 2016

It started with some pains which I didn’t think were contractions because everyone had told me that “I will just know” but these ones weren’t that strong. They got a little stronger and were going from anywhere between 30-3 minutes for three days, that was just pre labour, I barely slept, I was in and out of hospital, getting sleeping tablets, my phone blowing up by people wondering when our little girl was going to be here. My partner works 6 am-6 pm everyday but he told his boss that he had to keep his phone handy at work.

I got a stretch and sweep two days before I gave birth, I tried the dancing, eating spicy food, but nothing was working. That afternoon at about 4 pm I hopped into the shower hoping that would relieve the pains, the contractions started getting a little stronger and I couldn’t handle being by myself anymore. I was in tears and rang my fiancé to come home. I was still in the shower when he got home, with the water running on my back standing up with my hands clenched onto the top of the shower door. I got out and got dressed and tried to lay in bed to get some sleep.

My contractions were all over the place still but they were getting stronger. My partner said “I’m going to take you to the hospital” ( he was freaking out). He sat me up and I got the sudden urge to push and managed to blurt out ” I feel like I need to push” he got our stuff ready, called my best friend and we headed to the car, Briana was already outside waiting and so we left. In the car I was holding onto the handle pushing with every contraction but trying so hard to hold it back because I didn’t want to birth in a car. I was screaming and in pain and Matt was screaming with me. What usually is a 40 minute drive, we made it in 15 minutes.

Briana and Matt both helped me out of the car and assisted me up the stairs I walked through the doors to the hospital and the midwives immediately got me a room, they helped undress me as I had blood dripping out of my pants from pushing in the car.

I squatted up onto the bed with my head and arms holding over the top of the tilted up bed. I pushed for 45 minutes in the hospital. My waters broke about 2 pushes before my baby girls came out. They passed her up through my legs and I turned and layed with my beautiful baby in my arms. I still don’t forget the pain, but I’m so grateful to have this bundle of joy in my life. I got 4 stitches and a graze on the inside. I birthed at 3 in the morning  and didn’t sleep until that night. Such an amazing, painful experience

Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting Blog by Maison- Mid North Coast NSW

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