Jaz’s Birth Stories

1st- December 2007

2nd- May 2009 

* Firstly, I’d like to put a disclaimer out there and say that I didn’t attend a single birthing, lamaze, or mothers class at all before my birth – so all I had to go on were the limited books I’d read and the stories (some horror) of other mothers 😬*

My first birth, to a beautiful 5 lbs 10 little princess wasn’t an easy one, mostly, I think, because I had no idea what was going to happen.

I started having contractions at around 12 pm, thinking they were braxton hicks (I’d had some pretty severe ones) I tried the usual things to get rid of them – walking around, rubbing my belly etc etc, (Because surely these weren’t labour pains- I was 3 whole days early!!)

I went back to bed, but needing to wee, popped up to use the loo. I noticed Id had ‘a bloody show’ and started contemplating that maybe this was the real deal…
I woke up my partner and he started timing my contractions. They were 5 minutes apart. Time to go to the hospital. In an intense storm, 1/2 hr away, and by the time I got there my contractions were 2 minutes apart! (2 am at this point).

We got into the maternity ward and all my vitals done, which is when they realised I had extremely high blood pressure. I had a catheter put in, in case I needed an emergency C section,and was given some blood pressure meds.

Well, here I am, waiting for someone to tell me when I can get some pain relief when my midwife tells me- you’re fully dilated! I feel like I need to go to the toilet, and insist that I want to go. The midwife keeps trying to get me to lay back down, and says to me- “that feeling isn’t you needing to go to the toilet, it’s the baby coming. Unless you want to deliver your baby in the toilet, lay back down!”

So I start pushing with my contractions, which is when my waters broke), and then when she has her head out the doctor notices she has her cord wrapped around her neck, so flips her over. Yes, I still cross my legs every time I remember that moment 😉

The rest of the birth is a bit of a blur, a needle in the leg (did not feel this at all), pushing out the placenta (which looks like a big organ- I thought I had pushed so hard Id pushed my insides out haha),which ended in the most beautiful moment- holding my baby girl for the first time.

The second time round was much, much different. I woke around 7 am, and was laying in bed when I heard/felt a ‘pop’. I stood up, and I felt a gush. I thought I had wet myself! But then it kept coming, so I called the hospital. Id had some mild discomfort, but no severe pain, but because my first had arrived so swiftly, they suggested I should get up there- quick! I spent a day in the hospital, with contractions all day. This time I used the gas to help with the pain.

My 2nd beautiful daughter was born without any complications, she was born at 2:07 pm in the afternoon. We only stayed in hospital that night and were home the next day

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