‘A Photo A Day With Cloth Nappies’ Challenge

‘A Photo A Day With Cloth Nappies’ Challenge

Love taking photos? Love Modern cloth nappies? Enjoy having a fun challenge? Join in and have a go at our 7 day photo challenge helping normalise cloth nappies.

What: We provide you with a list of prompts over 7 days, where by you take your best photo relating to the prompt for the day. Add the hashtag #dailyMCNchallenge to your photo.

Topic: Sharing the love of Cloth Nappies

How does it work: Each day you look at the prompts and share the best photo you can using the prompt as inspiration. Add the hashtag #dailyMCNchallenge to your photo, and repeat this for the 7 days. Don’t worry if your not a professional photographer, I’m not either. Just enjoy getting creative and having some fun and seeing what others come up with using the same prompts.

Sharing your photo: Now this can be done anywhere. I will be running my challenge via my Instagram and Facebook pages. Just remember to add the hashtag:  #dailyMCNchallenge  Tag us in your photos on Instagram @relaxedparenting 

We will share some of your photos on our Instagram, sharing the love and fun.

Other popular hashtags to use: #clothnappies, #modernclothnappy, #stashshot. #clothdiapers, #makeclothmainstream, #APhotoADayWithClothNappies

7 Days Of Prompts: 

Day 1Favourite design- share your favourite pattern

Day 2Stash goals’  share your collection of cloth nappies

Day 3Hanging up cloth– washing day

Day 4Keeping it plain share your favourite plain but fun nappies

Day 5Show your brands– what brand cloth nappies do you own?

Day 6-Accessories– what are your favourite cloth nappy accessories (reusable wipes, wet bags, swim nappies

Day 7Out and about– rocking the cloth nappies while away from home.


We can’t wait to see the photos that come out of this challenge. It can be done when ever you like, and as often as you like!

Enjoy!! Get creative and have fun!

Share this picture on your social media accounts so others can join in the fun adding the hashtag #dailyMCNchallenge when you share it!


'A Photo A Day With Cloth Nappies' Challenge.jpg

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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