Sinchies Reusable Pouches For Liquids

Reusable Pouches For Liquids

Sinchies has the largest variety of sizes in the pouches with the spouts, perfect to replace all those prefilled supermarket pouches. By using Sinchies not only can you feed your children healthy pureed food, yogurts, custards, smoothies, fruit crushes etc you also know exactly what you are giving them without the preservatives and additives.

They save you 100’s of dollars a year compared to the yogurt and baby food pouches you buy from the supermarket.



80ml Reusable Pouches– Great size when introducing Sinchies pouches to your baby as you start solids with them. Also a handy lunchbox size for yogurt. This size is also perfect on international flights with the 100ml liquid restriction! Don’t think Sinchies are just for babies and kids this is an awesome handbag size for sunblock!

140fun-600x600140ml FUN Reusable Pouches– These have fun fruit and vegetable pictures on the front of the pouches. Suited for the toddlers who want a bit more than a see through pack to keep it fun. Great for smoothies, yogurts, pureed foods as your baby gets a bit bigger and requires more food each serving.


140ml-reusable-pouch-600x600140ml Reusable Pouches– Same as the ‘Fun’ ones mentioned above but no pictures on the front. This is a similar size to baby food pouches you can buy from the supermarket and also a similar size to the bigger yogurt squezies like the Vaalia brand. These are great for smoothies, custard, yogurt, yogo, chia gels and much more! Not only suited to children, but for adult food storage use also, like homemade dips and sauces, etc.

200ml-reusable-pouch-600x600200ml Reusable Pouches – Ideal for bigger eaters, school aged kids, dads, mums, grans you name it! So versatile you can use them for anything from soups, broths, sauces & marinades, to home made Up and Go’s & Breaky on the run.



200mldesown-600x600200ml Design Your Own Pouches– Use stickers to make your own fun design on the pouches. Great activity for your toddler who loves stickers. Or label them for shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and body wash when travelling! These pouches look awesome with their clear design making their versatility infinite.


500ml-reusable-pouch-600x600500ml Reusable Pouches– Great for storing soup, broths, sauces, puree’s, homemade yogurt or any bulk cooks really. These are also being used for tube fed children who have a PEG in their belly as they’re lightweight, don’t let air in their line and still give them the freedom of running around with a Sinchies in their back pack.


1L-reusable-pouch-600x6001 Litre Reusable Pouches– These are the ultimate filling tool for the smaller pouches and the smaller Sinchies now come packaged in a 1L so everyone gets one. Think of it as a whole kit in one. Great to use when you are cooking for pouring pancakes, filling things like muffin cases, cannelloni, etc. And great for storing dry mixes in, in the pantry (like cake mix)


Our experience:

We use the 140-200ml pouches the most at the moment for Miss A. They are a great snack size for yogurts and smoothies. We aren’t giving her pureed foods anymore but we used them a lot for that too when she was younger. Sinchies Pouches are a great way to introduce independent feeding as they get a bit older also as they can hold the pouch themselves and suck the liquid out. We made our own pureed food when we introduced solids, Sinchies made it a lot easier to feed these purees to her.

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