Review- Lunables Magic Waxi Crayons

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of Miss A drawing with our crayons we had here discussing how I had drawn a few pictures on the a paper for Miss A to ‘colour’ in this time. Before this I had been just getting the paper and crayons out and letting her go for it and enjoy the experience. Looking back I think how silly that was as how would she know how to actually do it if I hadn’t really shown her what to do.

It was on that picture that I was contacted by the owner of Lunables. I had never heard of the company before and was pleasantly surprised to hear from them. At first I didn’t even look into them before replying. They mentioned their crayons would be good for Miss A and we should try them out. So I replied saying we would love to trial them out for them and review them if they were willing to send us some, in which they jumped at the idea and sent us some out straight away. I then looked up their Instagram and saw how fun and easy they looked to use. I was so excited to be receiving a cool looking product that looked like lots of fun.

The parcel arrived and I got back in touch with them at Lunables asking did I need to know any particular usage instructions as they are different to any crayon I have used before. They informed me how easy they were to use and the different ways they could be used to create fun craft activities. Scared but excited I bit the bullet and gave it a shot with Miss A. We introduced just one type of the crayons we had been sent.

  Lunables Magic Waxi Crayons

We were just going to be drawing and colouring on plain paper so they seemed the most appropriate to trial first.

Miss A really enjoyed how easy they were to use and to produce colour on the paper. Some crayons require a lot of pressure to make an imprint but these crayons the slightest smear across the page and you get a solid line. I was amazed how great they felt to colour in with.

Cleaning The Mess:

Every parents worse nightmare, particularly when you are renting your home!

Crayon on the cream coloured carpet! I instantly freaked as I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it out or IF I was going to get it out. A pure accident on Miss A’s part, and partly my fault that it ended up on the carpet as I didn’t set us up on a table in the first place. I quickly remembered being told they were easy to wash out of materials but I wasn’t 100% at this stage what to use.

As you can see in the video below it is SO EASY to clean the Lunables Magic Waxi crayons out of light coloured carpet. I found it was just as easy to get it out of clothing the same way too.

By simply using a wet chux cloth and dabbing the affected area until it disappeared I was able to completely remove the marks off my carpet.

Even MORE than 24 hours LATER I was able to EASILY remove the stains off Miss A’s jumper just by dabbing with water and a chux cloth. This was a real amazement to me as I wasn’t sure if I had left it too long. Check out the video:

I am so excited to learn many more ways to use these amazing crayons. We will continue to share our fun had with the Lunables Magic Waxi crayons as we discover new ways to use them and find different activities great for children using these crayons.

I highly recommend them to any parent with toddlers.

Lunables Magic Waxi Crayons Are:

  • Made of packs of 6 Fun colours
  • EASY to use
  • EASY to clean up unwanted mess – just use water and dab gently till it disappears
  • So smooth to draw with
  • Really easy for toddlers especially, to control and use without much pressure required
  • EASY to twist up when you need more crayon.
  • Topped with a lid to protect them from leaving marks where ever you leave them and to protect the crayon itself.
  • Great for colouring in or highlighting
  • Non-toxic
  • Water-soluble
  • NOT JUST suitable for children- great for all ages

Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages for ways we use these amazing and fun crayons. Also we will be reviewing Lunables Magic Waxi Jumbo Crayons once we trial them out.

Where To Find Them:

You check out fun ways to use their crayons at Lunables website by clicking the link HERE , or by following their Facebook page, or Instagram page.


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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