Lunables Crayons- Easter Bunny Craft


A quick and easy activity for Miss A to do over the Easter weekend!

Using various images I traced them to make a picture of my own for Miss A to colour in. We worked together to colour in the picture using our Lunables Magic Waxi Crayons. Depending on the age of your child would depend on if you or they designed the picture to colour in. The older they are the more they could help with tracing/drawing the picture.

Easter Bunny, chickens, Easter eggs out in an open field with grass and the sun up in the sky. A simple design for Easter fun.

Using Lunables Magic Waxi Crayons made it very easy for Miss A to colour in and get creative. I helped her by encouraging her to colour in certain areas with certain colours ( this takes away from her own imagination a little by not letting her decide what colours things should be- but the aim was to encourage her to colour ‘within’ the certain areas. I use the term ‘within’ loosely as I did not expect her to draw within the lines).

We had a great time together as she coloured in the picture. Such a simple activity to set up and can have so much variety in the different pictures you create. They can be hand drawn or traced to create a fun picture.


Here is the end result of our fun Easter Bunny picture using Lunables Magic Waxi Crayons.




By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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