Carlie’s Birth Story

July 2015

When I got asked to share my birth story I was excited to recap my experience, I was very relaxed through my pregnancy and was happy to wait the 9 months. I barely complained about being uncomfortable because the truth was I was scared. I had mild contractions on and off for a couple of days and always thought nothing of it. One night my partner and I started cooking a nice big dinner around 6 pm and that’s when my contractions started to be a little stronger, after ringing the hospital my partner ended up taking me into Macksville hospital around 8 pm to get checked. I was almost 3 cm dilated so they monitored my contractions and gave me great tips on getting through labour.

I had chosen Coffs Harbour hospital to have our baby at and as they were very busy we decided to head home and wait… Except we didn’t make it home, I made it to the front door of the hospital on our way out when my waters broke and we rushed back in. Macksville helped changed me and rang Coffs to let them know we were on our way, my mum and sister met us at Macksville and followed us to Coffs that is usually a 45-60 minute trip, took us 30 minutes.

It all went very quickly and smoothly that once I was there I never got checked to see how far I was. I went straight under the shower then in the bath. I was very close to having a water birth when the doctor come in and asked to check how far dilated I was. After the great effort and intense contraction while getting out of the bath they decided I didn’t need checking and that the baby wasn’t too far away.

I then just laid on the bed with the amazing support from my partner, mum and sister. I didn’t have any pain relief because the thought of it made me feel sick (even though I went in expecting to have it all because I was so scared). I started feeling like I needed to push but kept doing my best not to as we thought I wasn’t ready, then my student midwives walked passed and noticed my little babies head visible and that I needed to push. They rushed to get there gloves etc on and within a couple of pushes we had a beautiful baby girl.

A nice quick 3 hour labour and I enjoyed every moment of it. Yes it’s correct, it hurts like hell but always remember it’s over at some stage and you have your little bundle of joy with you.

Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting by Carlie Mid North Coast, Australia 

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