Mrs M Wood’s Birth Story

So I was 9 FINALLY 9 months pregnant!

I couldn’t see my toes and I had been getting awful Brixton hicks for months and suffering with crippling spd, so by now, as you can imagine, I was pretty fed up!

A week before my due date, I had a appointment with my consultant, I thought it was just going to be a routine check up but in fact when I got there, to my surprise, they wanted to do an internal examination to see if they could start me off early!

They did what they called, a successful sweep of the membranes, so as you would, I got all excited, thinking ‘baby will be here soon’

Little did I know that nothing would come of it! So a week later, I got called in to the hospital, on my due date.. They did another sweep, and said they were going to start me off!

I couldn’t believe it! I was getting induced and  My baby would be born in the next few days! It was so exciting and me and Isaac were so happy!!

The midwife came round, popped me on the monitor for an hour and explained to me the process of induction (as with my first two children, I was lucky enough to go into spontaneous labour) she said i was to be patient as there were women in the 4 bedder with me who had already been there for days/weeks with nothing happening at all and if it happened to be a failed induction I would have to have an emergency section (as I did with Jessica, my eldest)

To be honest, I was pretty much geared up for the section as I’d been told an induction could take days but they didn’t want to wait any longer than 24 hours to get baby wood out!

So, midwife did an internal and put in the first (what I know it as) tea bag! And put me staright back onto monitor at 12.30 and at this point I was 2cm!


Well suddenly, it all started kicking off, writhin, what felt like seconds, I started getting strong contractions 3 minuets apart!

‘It’s all in my head’ I said to Isaac, I didn’t believe it would be happening this quick, but they kept coming, 3 mins apart, each one, lasting 30 seconds! after an hour of being on the monitor and having to hold my breath through each contraction, and then lasting longer and longer each time, the midwife came to take me off the monitor so I could go for a walk, but when she saw that I had been contracting so regularly she said that I was havin a reaction to the ‘tea bag’ and if it continued to happen to quickly i would have to have it taken out (which could result in my contraction stopping all together)

So I stayed on the monitor for half an hour more, bursting for a wee, and in agony as every contraction got longer and closer together!

The senior midwife wasn’t happy, and made a quick decision to get the ‘tea bag’ out, by now it was 2 pm they checked me and I was 3cm 😦

So I assumed now they’d taken it out, that’s was that, and baby wood wouldn’t be coming today after all!

Me and Isaac decided to go for a walk to the shop to see if we could get it going, but 4 steps out of the ward and BANG Another massive contraction, and then another, and another…we went back to the ward as I needed paracetamol! (What the hell I thought they would do against this pain, I don’t know, but I knew I needed something!

I sat in a chair next to my bed (still in the 4 bedder with three other mums who had been in longer than me and still had no signs of baby coming) trying to do some stupid breathing technique! I was determined not to scream and scare these other ladies, but the pain was so intense!

Midwife came down, asked if I would like a bath, to which I jumped at the chance!  Not because I thought a bath would be nice, but because I wanted a room to myself, so i could make some noises if I wanted to!

The bath was a epic fail! I don’t know why, but I pooed 🙈 yes, in the bath, on the floor, in the shower, and on the toilet..and seat! I’m so ashamed, but it literally came from nowhere, with no warning! And so did the contractions, getting stronger and stronger, hanging onto Isaac, naked, while he showered the poo off me! Begging him to help me with the pain!

By this point all I wanted to do was lie down! The pain was so bad and they just didn’t stop! The contraction seemed like seconds apart!

Laying on my bed, feeling so sorry for myself, I buzzed for the midwife ‘please check me’ I begged! She checked and said excitedly ‘your 5cm’

YES!!!! I was so happy! Finally I could go to labour ward and get some gas and air!

I turned to Isaac and said ‘I might have to have the epidural after all’ as he text my mum to tell her to start making her way in! Thai was at 4pm

The midwife had finished examining me, and as he pulled her fingers out, my waters went!

Bare in mind, I was still in a 4 bedder with three women, their husbands and some of their family members!

I can’t 100% remember what happened next, just that I remember screaming that I needed to push, and lots of midwifes rushing in to the 4 bedder, I remember the midwifes trying to cover me up (so I could keep some dignity) but I was adamant my baby’s head was out and kept throwing the covers off me 🙈

Being in the lift on the way up to labour ward and the midwife saying ‘are you pushing’ and me just giving it my all!

Finally I got into the labour ward and one push later…

Eliza Josie was born

It all seemed like a dream! I saw this beautiful little baby, and had no idea what had just happened, or how she just came out so quick! I was only 5cm I said to the midwife! ‘She came out with your waters’ she said! 

My poor mum missed it by a few minuets and Isaac and I were still in shock! 

The aftermath of her birth was awful and resulted in her being in Special Care baby unit for 5 days but I’m so lucky and so proud that she’s 6 months old now!!

Couldn’t of asked for a better birth!

Thank you
Mrs m wood

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