Steph’s Birth Stories

21 hrs.
First labor.
4 hrs.
Second labor.

Two vastly different experiences. The first long, tiring, frightening. The unknown is unbearable.

How much longer will it last?
Is this normal?
How much worse will the pain get?
Should that be happening?
What happens next?
When will it be over?

March 2014

I was 7 days overdue, with no signs of the baby wanting to make an exit into the world. I had a stretch and sweep, my mucus plug out and still nothing. I was tired and over being pregnant.  I was to be induced on Tuesday. I believe that the fear of that made my waters leak on Monday night. No big gush like the movies. Just slight random trickles which could easily have been missed. I never even knew it was possible for waters to leak! So off to hospital we went. 17 hrs of contractions drug free. Baby was also posterior so doc manipulated to turn him around. And after all this I had only dialated 3cm. I was to be induced, so I took every form of drugs available!  Gas, morphine shot and finally epidural. Why didn’t I do this earlier I thought?  Finally I got a break to rest! Soon after our little angel was born, making his presence known with a nice fountain of wee 🙂 It’s a boy!

October 2015

8 days overdue. This time baby was breech so unless she turned I would be having a cesarean. All day I had pressure in my stomach, down low. I was hoping that the baby had turned and was engaging. I kept calling the hospital who told me since my first birth was so long my second will most probably be as well, so I should stay home for as long as possible and rest. I was an hour away from the hospital and the last thing I wanted to do was deliver the baby on the side of the freeway! So I kept calling with any slight change.

Finally the contractions started. Randomly. Every 15 minutes, 10, 7, 5, 3, then within half an hour every minute. It was so quick. No time for pain relief. We made it to the hospital just in time to start pushing. I was lying on my back (like you see in the movies) but every time I would push I would get the worst pain in my bottom. After my first birth I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks from this same pain. No one knew what it was. With every contraction the pain in my bum got worse and worse. So bad that I wanted to give up and have a cesarean. Then my doctor suggested I turn around and try pushing on all fours. So on my hands and knees I was.  No bum pain anymore. Once I was able to relax and embrace this new position it was the best feeling. And for me, the ultimate way to give birth. The instant relief when she came out was indescribable. Within half an hour I was up, showered and ready to run a marathon. Very different to the first time around where I felt paralyzed for weeks. Our little girl took a little while to respond and cry, so once she finally did it was the best sound I’d heard all day.

Two different births. Two different stories. But to be given this gift to grow and birth another human is a miracle. Something that amazes me every day.

Sending you love,

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